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Strategic Consulting Services

Innovative Solutions for your Toughest Business Challenges


Technology and business demands continually change the way you do business. With the pressures of cost, competition, security and regulatory compliance, having a trusted technology partner with understanding of your specific technology needs positions you for long-term success. That is why EDZ Systems leverages industry leading IT practices and technology experts to identify, design and implement solutions for your toughest challenges.

EDZ’s Strategic Consulting Services offering includes specialization in Business Transformation, Enterprise Content Management, Strategy & Operations, Program Management and Enterprise Architecture. Our team of professionals provide the skills and expertise to perform comprehensive analysis, using proven methodologies to develop strategies and plans to meet critical business needs.


Business Transformation

In today’s complex and competitive marketplace, organizations are struggling to align their business goals to business processes, technology and organization structures. Globalization, mergers, acquisitions, regulatory and compliance requirements have made the business ecosystem complex. Enterprises need solutions to align and integrate their processes, strategies, and cultures.

EDZ Systems, with over 35 years experience in technology, systems management, technology transformations and business process improvement can help you to deliver higher value to your stakeholders.

EDZ Business Transformation Professionals can help you:

  • Achieve operational efficiency
  • Improve relationship with customers
  • Reduce IT expenditures (unit costs)
  • Achieve systems management excellence (change management, systems management, operations, quality)

Our Business Transformation Practice includes:

  • Software Product Re-Engineering – integrating old and new to achieve greater results
  • Supply Chain Transformation Services
  • Technology Transformation Services
  • Program Management
  • Strategy & Operations


Securing business and customer data is an organization’s top priority. With pressures to provide your customers and employees access to critical data when and where they need it, companies have to develop sound security strategies. Many CIOs find themselves without the resources needed to tackle the mounting security issues they face. EDZ can help you develop a security strategy to minimize risks and capitalize on new technologies and practices to support your business growth.

EDZ Systems Professionals can help your organization develop sound security strategies and plans in the areas of:

Application Security
EDZ Systems can provide a full assessment of existing applications and help you to design, develop, test and maintain the security of your applications throughout the development lifecycle to protect and mitigate risks as well as guard against internal and external threats.

Governance, Risk and Compliance
EDZ’s professionals have extensive experience across a wide variety of industries. We can assist organizations to establish comprehensive strategies and governance controls to mitigate risk and meet compliance requirements.

PCI Compliance
We offer a wide range of services to help your company develop and manage a PCI compliant program, including assessments, strategy development and remediation.

Security Assessments & Remediation
Businesses today require comprehensive information security programs to protect against data breaches, maintain credibility and prevent any disruption of services. Our team of experts can help position your business for success. Using structured methodologies, we perform thorough assessments of your physical and logical environment, producing a complete report that identifies vulnerabilities, recommends remediation activities and priorities to protect your critical business assets.

Enterprise Content Management

The amount of content companies need to manage continues to increase as businesses and their clients embrace mobile, social and cloud technologies. CIOs are challenged with integrating technologies, legacy platforms and newer mobile platforms while providing employees and clients secure access to information.
EDZ Systems understands these challenges and has extensive expertise in content management, application development, enterprise integration, and mobile and cloud computing. We can develop effective strategies to manage, provide access to and store your critical business information.

EDZ’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) practice assists clients with developing and optimizing a dynamic combination of strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to the full lifecycle of organizational processes.

  • Capture content in the system
  • Manage the content so it can be found and used
  • Store information in an appropriate place in your infrastructure, be it a formal content management system or other information solution
  • Preserve and protecting of content so it can be utilized however far into the future it needs to be available
  • Deliver the information in the right people’s hands when they need it

Strategy & Operations

EDZ Systems works across organizations to design and transform enterprises, business units, or operating models. Specific engagements include: Business Operations Design & Analysis, Business Architecture, Finance & Accounting and Supply Chain.

Business Performance Management

Our team will work with you across process, people and technology to translate your future-state business goals into a structured change program. Specific engagements include: Operating Model Design & Analysis and Process Optimization.

Mergers & Acquisitions Strategy and Integration

Our Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) playbook provides a standard and repeatable approach for planning and executing both pre- and post- M&A transactions. Specific engagements include: Mergers & Acquisitions Strategy & Integration.

Strategic Advisory

EDZ works with leadership teams to design, build, and implement the best business strategies. Specific engagements include: Business & IT Strategy Development, Ideation Workshops, Strategic Roadmap & Execution Plans and Sourcing & Vendor Strategy.

  • Data Center Assessments
    • Critical Infrastructure Assessment
    • Legacy systems review and assessment
    • Systems management assessment
    • Asset management assessment against best practice
  • Technology Services
    • Technology Strategy and Architecture
    • Technology Stack Assessment and Strategy

Enterprise Program Management

We understand how to manage the complexities of large projects and programs so you can focus on running your business. EDZ’s Enterprise Program Management (EPM) provides program management consulting services, methodology and tools. We create a customized program based on your unique needs and a structured methodology, which can be deployed rapidly. Our methodology includes the following key features:

  • Enterprise Program Management Office design and implementation including:
    • Enterprise Strategy and Design
    • Gap analysis and assessment
    • Program Governance, design and implementation
    • Alignment of the project and program portfolio with the enterprise strategy
    • Project Leadership and Management
    • Project Management Office
  • Program Management Methodology including:
    • Data driven dashboards provide executive visibility for strategic decision making
    • Technology agnostic solutions enable tool integration flexibility
    • Comprehensive documentation and standardized templates ensure consistency and repeatability
    • Organizational change management components, including needs assessment, training materials, employment schedules and role alignments
    • Service Level Agreements based on time to deploy qualified resources from initiation of resource request.

EDZ Program Management resources can operate and manage the EPM, leveraging the implementation team as well as our managed delivery resource model to supplement the existing team. The function can then be transferred to internal resources or, responsibilities for operations and maintenance of the EPM can be shared between a mix of your team and EDZ Systems personnel. Our flexible delivery approach enables you to leverage the knowledge of our professionals in the model that fits your business needs.

Enterprise Architecture

To develop an enterprise architecture (EA) it is important to first understand the questions you want to answer with your architecture. Based on this information, you can develop an approach and identify the models that you need. Finally, you can do both quantitative and qualitative analysis on your architecture to either see where the business can be improved or identify necessary changes or enhancements to the architecture.

Enterprise architecture aligns the following areas:

  • Business: Processes, strategies, organization charts, and functions
  • Information: Conceptual, logical and physical data models to show what information is needed and how it relates to other information For example, a customer and an order
  • Application: Portfolios, interfaces, and services
  • Infrastructure: Network concept diagrams, technology reference models

By taking an enterprise-wide perspective across business services, business processes, information, applications, and technology, an EA ensures the enterprise goals and objectives are addressed in a holistic way across all IT projects.

Enterprise Architecture governance provides the structure and processes for implementing an organization’s businesses strategy and objectives through an Enterprise Architecture. An EA governance body is used to guide each project and ensure its alignment with the EA during IT transformations and solution implementations. Successful EA governance includes:

  • People: Teams, individuals, roles, and responsibilities of the governance board(s)
  • Processes and Policies: Architecture lifecycle management, change management, review cycles, etc.
  • Technology: Infrastructure for implementing the processes and policies of enterprise architecture governance
  • Financial: IT cost allocation, project-funding models, business case tools to continuously monitor a positive return on investment, etc.

Access to EDZ’s best practices, tool sets, reference architectures, and tailored architecture processes around specific problems (applications rationalization, IT optimization, and more.) will significantly reduce the time required to develop enterprise-level architectures.