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Intelligent Resource Management System™ (IRMS)

Your Projects Perfect Match


The IRMS contains the information needed to ensure the most efficient use of global or client resource management. By integrating our proprietary patent pending system, reporting, analytics, dashboards and survey feedback mechanism we provide a complete solution for managing nearshoring and offshoring resources.

How It Works


Platform Features

  • Intelligent Resource Management System™ of skilled resources
    • Database of skillsets, education, time zone, availability to travel, certifications, language skills, background checks
  • Analytics/Reporting
    • Reporting on productivity, resources used, hours worked, lines of code, project status and issues
  • Dashboards
    • Executive dashboards that demonstrate the productivity, accuracy and timeliness of projects


  • Resource Augmentation
    • Augment your existing resources by utilizing the IRMS to find the best matches to your needs from one or more Nearshoring/Offshoring companies
  • Project Management
    • EDZ will assist with existing Nearshoring/Offshoring projects to manage current resources or add new resources as needed to manage the project
  • In-house management of Nearshoring/Offshoring resources
    • EDZ also provides the use of our IRMS to clients that have large Nearshoring/Offshoring resources in-house as SaaS


  • Proprietary database and search algorithms find the best resources available. The patent pending IRMS provides the highest accuracy in matching skillsets, timezones, security, communication skills, education and certifications needed with resources available


  • Increase Productivity
    • Better matched resources produce higher quality results in the same or less time
  • Improve Time to Market
    • Utilizing more productive resources with better communication skills reduces development times
  • Reduce Costs
    • By utilizing the highest quality resources, greater accuracy and productivity result in higher overall efficiencies which reduces overall costs associated with the project(s)
  • Single point of management for all Nearshoring & Offshoring resources
    • Regardless of the number of Nearshoring & Offshoring companies involved, the client only needs to work with EDZ Systems
  • Best resource matching of skills
    • The IRMS includes resources from multiple Nearshoring & Offshoring companies ensuring a larger sampling, which combined with the proprietary matching algorithm produces the best match of available resources
  • Rapid turnaround for acquiring skilled resources
    • By utilizing multiple Nearshoring & Offshoring companies, more resources are available
  • Reporting and Analytics to provide timely feedback on projects
    • By communicating the status/issues/milestones of the project(s), the client and EDZ are kept aware of any areas that need additional attention
  • Improved matching on future engagements through Survey process
    • At the end of a project EDZ and the client rates each resource on specific criteria to measure and improve their effectiveness