Global intelligent development solutions.


Intelligent Global IT Solutions

Expert Resources. Culture Compatibility. Improved Time to Market.

EDZ’s global development partnerships uniquely position us to provide the right resources, with the right expertise and client cultural match, improving your time to market. Through these relationships, EDZ has access to thousands of developers and IT professionals all over the world. This allows us to match geography, language, time zone and culture to your business needs.


Software Development

EDZ Systems provides the skill sets, tools and methodology for virtually any software development project from beginning to end – from legacy systems to new application development, delivering quality, accuracy, improved productivity and measurable results.

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APIs provide a way to add or enhance a program without having to get into the guts of the program itself. An API allows groups of developers (internal, partners or contract developers) anywhere in the world to enhance the product with minimal coordination.

APIs  define exactly how two pieces of software interact and serve as building blocks for businesses to improve agility and speed to market, facilitating the integration of new features into existing applications. They enable otherwise distinct applications to share data, helping to integrate and enhance functionality. EDZ Systems can help your business develop new APIs, design new API interfaces, and securely share enterprise data through mobile and web applications.


More and more of our interaction online occurs on mobile devices. Mobile apps are now an integral part of almost every business, irrespective of their size and industry. Making it simpler and more efficient for your customers to get in touch with your company and offering them tools to make their life easier while using your products or services can be a great reason to develop mobile apps.

We design and build custom applications tailored for each client. We will work with you to develop the specifications, help design the user interface, and develop the application including rapid prototyping.


How do you turn data into actionable insights and improved performance? At EDZ we identify high-value opportunities, using the most relevant internal and external data, applying our proprietary analytics and modeling to deliver data that executives use to make strategic decisions.

Achieving impact from advanced analytics may start with data, but it must be matched with deep understanding of industry dynamics and functional best practices.

Cloud Services

To keep pace, companies require a sound cloud strategy to maximize the efficiency of computing and storage resources. You need flexible solutions that can help you implement your applications faster, with less maintenance and improved manageability. You need to rapidly adjust resources to meet changing business requirements, while providing a secure environment for critical business information.

With extensive managed services, operational and administration expertise, EDZ Systems provides best of breed cloud consulting, implementation and support services. Our consultants perform a comprehensive analysis to help you develop and implement a cost effective cloud strategy including solutions to optimize the storage and maintenance of your business applications.