Global intelligent development solutions.


About EDZ Systems

Our passionate, diverse global approach drives results.

Who We Are

EDZ Systems (EDZ) provides Intelligent Global IT Solutions™, Intelligent Resource Management System (IRMS)™ and Strategic Consulting Services worldwide, helping companies optimize their people, projects and results.

Our Approach

EDZ Systems serves a diversified worldwide client base. We partner with our customers to understand their goals and objectives and through our intelligent nearshoring and offshoring approach, proprietary centralized database and ingrained cultural understanding, we match specific skills to each project, managing resources around the world to deliver timely, agile, flexible solutions. We deliver high-quality development through modern technologies and methodologies rooted in driving business results and innovation through project execution. We bring industry knowledge, integrity and a passion for technology to every project.

Why EDZ Systems

When you have more projects than you can address with your existing staff, a good option is to utilize offshoring or nearshoring resources. The value we provide is to be the end-to-end single point of contact to handle all of the interactions with the offshoring/nearshoring vendors. Through the use of our Intelligent Resource Management System (IRMS), we match resources around the world to your specific requirements, budget and prioritize with the best resources available.

We vet all the nearshoring and offshoring companies and their resources in our database. We factor in time zone, skill sets and proficiencies needed, ability to travel to or work at your site, language skills needed to effectively communicate, educational requirements and certifications required. From your specifications we create a list of the best resources to match your project.

We provide analytics and dashboards to ensure you can effectively track your projects to ensure you are on target or identify if adjustments are needed. At the conclusion of the project(s) we work with you to survey the resources we provided to gain insight regarding what worked well and what needs improvement. That information will enable us to continually refine and enhance our ability to match your requirements in future engagements.

Mission Statement:

Our passion is to be a catalyst for change as a global IT strategic offshoring and nearshoring solutions provider and business partner.

Culture and Values:

Our values are deeply embedded in our culture and reflect the qualities of our company.

EDZ Values:

  • Be Passionate.
    We have passion for what we do and will always enjoy going the extra mile for our Customers and Employees.
  • Be Caring.
    Customers, Employees, Partners and Community. We believe honesty, integrity and caring are what earns respect, trust and loyalty.
  • Make History.
    Create a value proposition to the world. We have a long-term vision and seek long-lasting, enduring and humble success.
  • Enjoy Our Journey.
    We are on a journey to success and will enjoy our experiences with our clients and partners every step of the way.
  • Work Hard.
    We embrace a hard-work culture and are committed to Service Excellence and contribution to the world.

Leadership Team:

Elizabeth M. DeZeeuw – President and Chief Executive Officer

Global Executive and Business Leader with a valuable blend of strategic, technical, and business acumen. Career record of success in leading international organizations and proven achievement in startup, turnaround, growth, and emerging markets. Confident and top-performing executive who provides transformational leadership and enhances revenue, profit, and shareholder value by defining and executing strategies to spur growth and close gaps in the product portfolio, services, processes, and resources.

Entrepreneurial Strategist who drives corporate value by opening new markets and capitalizing on unexploited business opportunities. Creates sustainable growth with bold thinking, leading-edge products, and new services. Establishes vision, sees beyond the status quo, and thrives in fast-moving, changing environments where innovation is expected and rewarded. Becomes a trusted advisor and partners with clients to understand their needs and develop technology and business solutions that achieve their objectives.

Daryl L. Hubbard – Chief Financial Officer

CFO and Corporate Advisor: accomplished strategy and finance professional with over 20 years of experience in financial services, corporate finance and management consulting. Demonstrated excellence in leadership, negotiation and communication. Adept in the development and presentation of business valuations, financial projections and corporate strategy. Diverse experience in due diligence/internal auditing in the information technology space.

Specialties include: M&A due diligence management and oversight, strategic/financial planning & analysis, activity-based costing, pricing and financial modeling, business performance management and management consulting.

Julie A. Schlatter – Vice President Marketing and Sales

Senior executive with significant experience in managing all aspects of corporate marketing and communications. Strong leadership skills with proven ability to strategically plan, develop, and execute complex initiatives in the areas of marketing, sales and product marketing to drive growth across a global organization.

Specialties include leadership of marketing strategy development and execution, brand development and product positioning, digital media, marketing communications, interactive marketing and creative services, merger and acquisition communications, technical communications, internal communications, and community relations. Additional skills include sales, sales enablement and relationship development.